Text to Give Donations

You can text to give to DNMF (NF) at (833) 702-4736

Example: text GIVE 25 - $25.00 will be donated to DNMF (NF)

After you send a text with the amount you will receive another text with a link from APLOS to fill out your name, email and make a payment with a credit card or ACH (bank account).

If you want to give to a specific fund account, see the list below...

General Fund - GIVE (amount) (GF) Ex: GIVE 25 GF

Match Fund - GIVE (amount) (MF) Ex: GIVE 25 MF

NF Mission Projects - GIVE (amount) (MP) Ex: GIVE 25 MP

Ukraine Mission Fund - GIVE (amount) (UKR) Ex: GIVE 25 UKR

Gallaudet University Mission - GIVE (amount) GU Ex: GIVE 25 GU

If you have any questions about text to give...

Contact Duane Somero - nfdeaftreasurer@gmail.com